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updatewhat's up with Matt            [edit]
Thursday, 10/02/03
at long last, connectivity is restored. if i've been ignoring your emails for the past ~two weeks, i apologize. give me a couple of days to catch up, or give me a call (and i'll give you my new phone number in Virginia).

it looks like DSL might be available in my area (still have to confirm), which would be great because i'd much rather host my own site than pay someone else to do it. if there's no DSL, then i'll probably get a cable modem, so either way i should be online a lot more and much more contactable.

updates on the move to Virginia

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now playing10:15PM, Sun, Oct 19 (PDT)
artist:Harvard-Radcliffe's Under Construction
title:How Beautiful     
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books i'm reading (slowly)
  • The Way We Think: Conceptual Blending and the Mind's Hidden Complexities [link]

  • Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy: How Music Captures Our Imagination [link]

  • The Island of the Day Before [link]

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    projectsthings on which Matt is working             [tracker]             [daily tasks]             [diatribe]             [schedule]
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    you can view my list of projects (both active and inactive). also, i have a handful of project pages for the larger, more-significant projects on which i'm working. over time, i'll be refining both of these resources to be more useful and nice-looking, but these should do for now.

    also, i'm creating a ~temporary (password-protected) design center for the Potomac Baptist Church site redesign effort.

    active projects
  • look into JDO

  • security

  • depends

  • initiative

  • ccac arrangement library demo

  • booklist

  • read: The Way We Think

  • muscat

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    all projects

    interestsideas that keep Matt up at night
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    friends & familyfolks that Matt knows and loves (vis-a-vis web sites)
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    biothe saga of Matt
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    tidbitsrandom minor Matt productions
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    web-safe color swatches
    it's yet another "bunch of colors w/ hex RGB values" page, but this one has colors grouped by saturation, which is actually reasonably useful (and hasn't apparently been done on any other page that i've stumbled across so far). and it employs Visibone's cool color-naming scheme ("Visibone Anglo-Centric Color Code"), which lets you refer to these colors with by more-meaningful names.

    this is the rudiments of a project-publication page for a music(recording)-cataloging application that i'm writing (for personal use). i don't really know what the publication page will actually turn into, but that's appropriate, because i also don't really know what the application itself will turn into, either (but i think it will probably be something pretty cool, ultimately).

    linkssites that Matt deems particularly useful or interesting
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    the fridgeneat stuff Matt made
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    • a cappella arrangements [use NoteWorthy Composer or Player]
      • You Want To... Now Will You? [NWC, MIDI]
      • He's All You Need (co-arranger) [NWC, MIDI]
    • code-type stuff
      • "now playing" thinger that displays the artist/title/album of whatever music you're listening to in WinAmp
        • for now, it's just an "integration" of an existing 3rd-party WinAmp plugin. soon, i will actually write my own WinAmp plugin for this
    • images and visual stuff
    • web sites on which i have worked

    scratchputty in Matt's hands
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    • site improvement / maintenance
      • tie in
      • clean up projects section, tie in project management tool
      • "now playing" album cover reform
      • clean out stuff that's truly irrelevant and/or stupid
        • interests: find a better way to incorporate them... maybe a topical links index thing or something, and the "topic abstract" idea wasn't too shabby
        • most of the existing links. flat listing is weird & arbitrary. again, tie in to "advanced hotlist" idea, perhaps (sure, it's still links, but (1) there are amplified notes on entries therein, (2) you can link horizontally to related ideas, and (3) it should provide centralization / portability for my personal bookmarks list.)
      • fix some encoding problems on content-submission
      • fix apostrophe / slash problem on "now playing" thing (yeah, it's off-topic, but it's really annoying)
      • probably flatten out the front page structure
        • maybe convert it entirely to a "current status" point of view (it already is that way above the fold, but not below)
        • maybe different sections of the site contribute bits of content to the home page, including, at most, latest updated stuff and, at least, simple links to wherever more content exists (deeper in the site)
      • personal dashboard
        • scheduled stuff (home page as Outlook replacement)
        • "to do" list
        • shopping lists
      • topical "sections" to the site
        • system dynamics
        • "theory of money"
      • "pithy quote" service

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    welcome to Matt Libby's web site. hi, i'm Matt Libby. Matt Libby is me. i am Matt Libby, hear me roar. Matt Libby signing off
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